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Life & Business Coach

I’m CPCC (Certified Professional Co-active Coach). My goal is to help High Achiever Women to L.E.A.D  with confidence at Work and at Home. 

What is behind L.E.A.D? 

- L: Live with alignement with your North Star vision and values

- E: Embrace your Emotions. 

- A: Aim for Excellence (not Perfection) 

- D: Do it without guilt and Stress


Why Soleil Coaching? 

The name 'Soleil,' a French word for 'Sun,' carries a profound meaning in my life. It's a radiant homage to my two amazing daughters, Sofia and Leila.  They are my endless source of inspiration, always pushing me to think and act beyond conventional boundaries and limiting beliefs, while remaining deeply anchored to my core values of Trust, Authenticity, and Growth. 

Before embarking on this fulfilling coaching journey, I spent 17 enriching years in the corporate world in France and the GCC. I wore many hats during that time, from leading digital and e-commerce teams to getting my hands dirty in business strategy and development, digital marketing and project management.



As a trilingual (English, French, and Arabic) Mom and leader, I’ve blended my coaching acumen with life and business experiences. I even sometimes throw in a little theater know-how to serve my clients ;-)


My mission is to accompany you on a transformative journey, offering practical strategies and tools to help you prioritize your goals, amplify your productivity, and nurture positivity and harmony in every facet of your life.

With determination and belief in your potential, together we will illuminate the path forward. 

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Our Group Coaching Workshops

Our coaching workshops are designed to help you take your life or your business to the next level. From personal development to leadership training, we offer a range of workshops to meet your needs. We will guide you through interactive exercises and provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

Visit our events page to learn more about our upcoming workshops and how you can join. 

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