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Parenting Masterclass:
How to prevent and manage tantrums efficiently

  • Is your child struggling with tantrums and meltdowns? 

  • Are they unable to calm themselves down? 

  • Do you feel overwhelmed with your kids emotions and you don’t know what to do? 

Do you want to : 

  • Understand the what and why?  

  • Know what to do before, during and after a tantrums?

  • Help your child build emotional resilience? 

In this online masterclass, 

  • you will understand how your child's brain works and be able to better understand his/her emotions. 

  • You will have practical techniques that will help you and your child handle big emotions with confidence.  

  • You will have easy-to-use tips to apply before, during and after a tantrum. 

The tips and strategies in this masterclass are build based on the positive discipline of Jane NELSEN and Lynn LOTT.

- Dates: November 22nd(FR)/ November 23rd (EN)
- Location: Online masterclass 
- Early Bird Price : 9
5 AED (worth 200AED)

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What you will learn? 

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